MES notifies:

Central office

Head of the Minister's Secretariat

Parpiev Akmal Norquzievich

Main functional responsibilities of the Head of the Minister's Secretariat

Organization of management activities of the Minister, organizational and technical, information and analytical and information and documentary support;

Provides information and relevant documents to meetings held by the Minister. Coordinates the activities of the departments of the Ministry, territorial administrations and structural divisions, in scheduled events, official meetings, receptions and conversations, visits and business trips in which the Minister takes part;

Coordinates daily, long-term work plans and monitors their implementation;

On behalf of the Minister, coordinates the activities of employees participating on behalf of the Ministry in events held in ministries, departments and organizations;

Prepares and ensures the conduct of operational meetings and meetings held by the Minister;

Organization of execution and control of execution of orders of the minister.

Head of the Main department of organization the service of rescue forces and elimination the emergencies

Zuparov Sanjar Tokhirovich

Head of the Main department of organizational support and planning state system of emergencies and civil protection

Kambarov Davron Saidkamalovich

Head of the Main department of organization state fire control

Muzaffarov O‘lmas To‘rayevich

Head of the Department of Service Organization and Combat Readiness of Units

Azimov Islom Ergashevich

Head of the Department of elimination of the emergency situations

Norqulov Rustam Orifovich

Head of the Department of operational organization

Sadirov Khurshid Ergashevich

Head of the Department of development information and communication technologies, communication and notification systems

Mirzaliyev Botirjon Khakimovich

Head of the Department of prevention emergency situations

Dadakhanov Shukhrat Alijonovich

Head of the Radiation Chemical and Biomedical Protection Department

Kilichov Zulfikor Pardakuliyevich

Head of the Department of control and prevention

Pulatov Gafurjon Gayratjonovich

Head of the regulatory and technical management department

Toxtamuratov Dilshod Mitxatovich

Head of the Department of organization logistic support

Khazratkulov Obidjon Namozovich

Head of the financial and economical department

Usmanov Dilmurod Tuxtaboevich

Head of the Republic logistic support center

Abdusamatov Abdurazzoq Abduvokhidovich

Head of Personnel department

Yugay Stanislav Valeryevich

Head of educational and ideological work department

Nazarov Utkir Ravshankulovich

Head of Department

Azizov Fayzullo Abdullayevich

Head of the International Cooperation Department


Head of the Department of capital construction and repair

Namazov Fayzulla Parmonovich

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